芳名 : Echo
地址 : 金巴利道16號 香檳大廈
時間 : 15:00 ~ 23:00
電話 : 6306 8085  
備注 : 已經收山
更新 : 21.09.2008


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4 則迴響

  1. are they only in hongkong?

  2. I have no idea of her english address. however u might find it useful in this page
    there is an interactive google-map attached, indicating exactly where she is located.
    (with accuracy up to a street number block)

  3. Jerjer english address please.

  4. next time i go to hong kong, i’ll invite one of these girls out for dinner,no strings attached, and kiss her on the cheek at her door.i’ll try to look at her as my dear sister[never had one].that’ll make me feel much better than screwing her and it’ll help her to perhaps to think differently that not all guys are just after her pussy and ass.then i’ll call her up again from my country to keep in touch.once i sent a letter to one and guess what, she responded back to me,i was thrilled

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